Living in Westboro

The urban village

The urban village of Westboro is located near the Ottawa River. Just minutes from downtown Ottawa, this little paradise in the city is immersed in a trendy, lively and outdoor atmosphere. In fact, life in vibrant Westboro is known for its growing popularity and the incredible community it harbours. At the heart of the neighbourhood lies endless artisanal cafes, patios, art galleries, bakeries and gourmet restaurants known throughout the entire Ottawa region.

The wonders of Clifton Road

The Gramercy is located on Clifton Road and harbours residential homes and a variety of boutiques. Located between Scott and Richmond roads, the townhomes enjoy proximity to several of Ottawa’s jewels. A Farmboy supermarket, a Bridgehead café, an LCBO, a famous pizzeria and more are all within a two-minute walk. As a result of its unique location, The Gramercy enjoys the pleasures of the suburbs and the advantages of the city.

The Perfect Shopping Experience

Westboro is home to a wide variety of commercial retailers and local stores. This beautiful contrast allows for a multitude of exciting discoveries and accessibility to essential services. Already well established and growing every year, the number of stores entering the neighbourhood continues to increase.

Pubs X Coffees Shops

It’s impossible to visit Westboro without being completely enchanted by its ambiance. This trendy neighbourhood life allows residents to be immersed in an urban lifestyle by enjoying local cafes with exotic delicacies in addition to savouring some well-deserved time in one of the numerous pubs.

Gourmet Tables

Located near Richmond Road, the Westboro neighbourhood has some real gourmet jewels. At the table, you’ll find the best names in the Ottawa area and a diversified menu. The many upscale restaurants in the neighbourhood are immensely acclaimed and are renowned for the taste journey they provide to their customers.

The Secret Lies in Accessibility

Westboro is an acclaimed neighbourhood especially thanks to its very accessible road network that makes transportation fast and easy. Just minutes away from the Queensway and Champlain Bridge, escaping for your weekend getaway has never been easier. Westboro Station is also the future home of Ottawa’s LRT meaning rapid, easy public transit to downtown, the airport and more.

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